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Aug 31,2022 | YESUN

Tooth Cleaner  Dental Cleaner Tool

The oral instruments dentists use to keep your mouth healthy

Dental health is important, so it's recommended for everyone to go to the dentist for regular checkups. Dentists are able to detect dental problems that may be more serious if not found earlier, and can help you prevent serious problems like tooth loss.

Learn about dental care at our office when you schedule a checkup. At Blanco Crossing Dental, we examine your teeth for signs of decay and oral cancer. Twice a year, we recommend dental cleanings to maintain good oral health.

The hygienist, who is a trained oral health specialist, uses his/her specialized tools to remove deposits from teeth and gums before seeing the dentist. As part of the exam, we’ll request X-rays, which are taken to further evaluate your teeth and mouth.

In this section, we are going to talk about several dental tools that are used during a dental cleaning session. These tools each have their own purpose, ensuring that you have healthy teeth and gums, as well as a sparkling smile.

How mirrors work?

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning? - Nordel Crossing Dental Centre

Dental mirrors make it impossible to get an accurate view of your teeth

Dental mirrors enables us to see the surfaces of each tooth, the roof of our mouth, down our throat, beneath the tongue, and lips and other oral tissues. A light is shined on a small mirror to detect any abnormal findings in various parts of the mouth.

We use large mirrors that allow us to see the details of your teeth and mouth so we can accurately diagnose a problem. We also may use smaller mirrors to view hard-to-reach areas.


Even when you brush and floss your teeth, plaque will build up and eventually become tartar, which can’t be removed without a trip to the dentist. Our dental hygienist carefully scrapes deposits from the surface of each tooth using an instrument called a dental scaler.

Learn about Hand-held versus Powered Scalers

Powered scalers use ultrasonic frequencies to remove plaque and tartar deposits. Patients usually find it comfortable.

You should use a scaler to scrape off any plaque or bacteria from the surface of your teeth. You can also use a scaler just under the gum line, which is essential for preventing and treating gum disease.

What to Expect with Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning in Litchfield MN -  Litchfield Dental Blog - Dr. Kenneth Ness

Ultrasonic scalers are effective at removing plaque and tartar

 saliva ejectors

Saliva ejectors suck substances from your mouth to avoid swallowing them. This can include saliva, water, blood, and deposits. Spit suckers are especially helpful during dental procedures to protect you from eating bacteria or viruses that can be harmful if swallowed.

Saliva ejectors help remove saliva, liquids and particulates from your mouth to make your teeth clean and comfortable. It is also used when dentists provide other types of care such as fillings, extractions, and orthodontics. The tubing is cleaned after every use so there will be no cross-contamination with other patients.

What is a power polisher?

After brushing teeth, it is important to polish each tooth with a polisher. A polisher smoothes the surface of the tooth, which creates an environment more prone to oral health. Polishers are tool that smooths away any stains or tartar.

Start the New Year Off Right with a Dental Cleaning | Annual Cleaning

Using a Dental Polisher as Part of a Professional Teeth Cleaning

Computer Imagery

Sometimes, we use a computer to evaluate your oral health or diagnose a problem. X-rays are a tool that evaluates the health of each tooth, the jaws and the surrounding bones. Traditional X-rays use a low dose of radiation to create an image on film.

Digital X-rays use a lower dose of radiation and do not need to be recorded on film. Dentists could visualize the image directly on their computer, store the information for future reference, or print out a hardcopy for those who like tangible forms. They can also enlarge it if they needed to see the area in more detail or transmit it to another dentist to get a second opinion when necessary. Digital X-rays will help dentists evaluate any structural changes that happen over time.

Dental X-Rays: Purpose, Procedure, and Risks

Digital Dental X-Rays

Why you need to floss your teeth?

Our dental office provides expert dental care for patients. We show you ways to floss your teeth so that you can maintain healthy gums and teeth between cleanings. Proper dental care can also be an effective way to stave off gum disease.

What I did to remove tartar from my teeth?

You cannot remove tartar by yourself with tools that are sharp. A dental hygienist is required to have a degree in order to be registered.

What is plaque?

DIY plaque removal is not as effective as professional teeth cleanings. The best at-home solution for cleaning plaque off of teeth is flossing followed by brushing.



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