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THE BEST MINER PAWER SUPPLY REVIEW 2022-Antminer's new power supply APW7 review

Aug 07,2022 | YESUN


APW7 power supply is a new special power supply for mining machines released by Antminer in June this year. This power supply is an upgraded version of APW3++, which has a lot of technical progress compared to the previous generation.

APW7 Power Efficiency Curve:

POWER FACTOR >0.99(full load)
LEAKAGE CURRENT <1.5mA (220V 50Hz )
STRUCTURE SIZE:206*110*62mm

It can be seen from the parameter table of the product that compared with the previous generation product APW3++, the rated output power has been increased from 1600W to 1800W, an increase of 200W.

Looking at the efficiency curve of APW7, we can find that the highest conversion efficiency is 95%, which is 1.5% higher than that of APW3++ (93.5%).

Today, We will help you to do an evaluation to see how the APW7 power supply actually performs.


The APW7 power supply is a cuboid with a metal casing and the BITMAIN logo is printed on the front.

The basic parameters of the power supply are printed on the side, (model APW7-12-1800-A3), you can see that this power supply supports 100-264V ultra-wide voltage.

The front of the power supply is the cooling fan and the power cable interface (power cable needs to be prepared by yourself), and the wind enters and exits from the rear, which is consistent with the design idea of most mining machines, which is convenient for the cooling layout of the entire mining farm.

The power supply provides 4 pin, two of which have four standard PCI-E six-hole interfaces, and the other two have one interface each, a total of 10 interfaces, which can just meet the number of interfaces of L3++ and other types of mining machines.

Behind the power supply is the PCI-E4 group line interface, you can see that each group of lines is neatly fixed.


1. Power consumption

Using APW7 power supply with an Antminer X3 (rated power consumption 500W), the measured power is 490.8W, and the load at this time is 490.8/1800=27.27%

Using APW3++ power supply with an Antminer X3, the measured power is 498.2W, and the load is 498.2/1600=31.14%

It can be seen that using the new APW7 power supply saves 1.5% of the power of the old power supply.

2. Mining machine data

Using APW7 power supply, the average computing power of X3 mining machine (rated computing power 220KH/S) is about 234.42KH/S, and the fan speed is 3690 rpm.

Using APW3++ power supply, the average computing power of the X3 mining machine is about 234.5KH/S, and the fan speed is 3900 rpm.

Using different power supplies, the computing power of the mining machine is basically the same, but the fan speed of the APW7 power supply is lower.

3. Noise

Since the influence of the mining machine noise cannot be isolated during the test, the actual measured power supply noise will be interfered by the mining machine noise, and the measured power supply noise is 67.4dBA.

4. Heat

In terms of heat generation, the power case was measured at about 31 degrees, and the temperature at the rear of the power case was measured at about 34 degrees.


1. The APW7 power supply has obvious energy-saving effect, which can help miners save mining costs, which saves about 1.5% of electricity compared to the previous generation.

2. When the power supply is running, the heat generation is low, and the wire quality is high, which is suitable for the high temperature environment of the mine.
3. The power interface adopts PCI-E. At present, most of the power supply solutions of mining machines use PCI-E solutions, so this power supply can be used for most mining machines.


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