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The Best JASMINER X4 MINER reveiw of 2022

Aug 12,2022 | YESUN

If you are a miner, or if you are waiting to invest in mining, especially if you are interested in ETC/ETH, you should pay attention and read this article, I will tell you the latest "wealth code"!

ASMINER has developed a high throughput ASIC mining machine to understand?

ASMINERX4 High-throughput mini server (JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server)

The ASMINERX4 High-throughput Mini server weighs 4.8kg and is unique in that it has no fan, which is known to be noiseless. is only 30W±10% and the energy efficiency ratio (25℃ ambient temperature, J/MH) is 0.46±10%.

The ASMINERX4 high-throughput mini server can be used in more places, such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc., because it does not have any noise. Unlike the operation of the graphics card miner, its use is also relatively simple, connecting to the power supply and network, and configuring it to work, with a daily power consumption of less than 1kwh, which is a very special existence in the mining world.

Due to the consideration of its safety during use, the ASMINERX4 high-throughput mini server weighs 4.8kg so that no matter where it is placed, it can reduce the damage caused by inadvertent drops.

Latest official data.

Product Model :JASMINER X4

Product name :High-throughput mini server

Encryption algorithm :ETCHASHÐASH

Rated computing power (MH/s) :520M±10%

Rated voltage/rated current :12Vdc,2.5A

Power consumption (Watt) : 240W±10%

Energy efficiency ratio (25°C ambient temperature, J/MH): 0.46±10%

Network connection RJ45 : Ethernet 10/100/1000M

Bare machine size (mm) : 257×100×200

Outer box size (mm): 343×286×183

Bare machine weight (kg): 4.56

Overall machine weight (including packaging, kg): 5.9

JASMINERX4-High-throughput 1U server

If I hadn't told you it was a miner, would you have expected this 1U form factor to be an ASIC miner?

The JASMINERX4 high-throughput 1U server looks more like an IDC server, but that's where the JASMINER innovation comes in. Its appearance allows for more miners to be placed in the same space, and because of its appearance, it does not require much space.

The JASMINERX4 high-throughput 1U server has an arithmetic power of 520NH/S±10%, a power consumption of 240W±10%, and an energy efficiency ratio (25°C ambient temperature, J/MH) of 0.46±10%. The built-in fan not only makes it dissipate heat better, but also makes the JASMINERX4 1U server far quieter than traditional miners.

At the same power consumption, the JASMINERX4 high-throughput 1U server has six times the arithmetic power of a graphics card miner, and its extremely high performance while consuming only 3% of the power ratio, the Jasmine X4 high-throughput 1U server will use its space .

Any questions about the MINER, please feel free to contact us, we have professional technicians to solve it for you:support@yesune.com


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