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How to choose the best douche bottle ?

May 23,2022 | YESUN


How to use a water bottle as a douche?

Cleaning up before anal sex can be tricky without the right tools. Luckily, there's one method that works wherever fine bottled water is sold. Here's our guide, plus more tips to help you clean out safely.Hygiene seldom counts more than when you’re about to get a little anal. If you’re settling in for some butt fun, you’ll usually want to make sure everything’s clean and tidy and ready for company. That’s easy enough if you have plenty of time to prepare — you can get a douching kit (or a shower attachment if you’re fancy) and go to town.

You can never be too careful when you’re on the go. If you don’t have access to toilet paper, you can use water to clean yourself out. All you need is a water bottle, and here’s how you do it.

It's important to always talk to a medical professional before douching. Doing so could cause injuries and infections, as well as disrupt your electrolyte balance in extreme cases - even leading to water intoxication. You should not make this a frequent practice and if possible, use a tool designed for the process rather than grabbing a water bottle. This article is not medical advice; if you have questions about your health, talk to a doctor.

Just one more warning before you start: This technique works best if you use a soft tip or a water bottle with a small nozzle, rather than the hard ridged edges of a flimsier water bottle. You can injure yourself if you put anything sharp against the very soft tissues of your anus. The key here is to be as gentle as you can, and never press too hard.

Why Should I Douche?

While we don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum, many people want to avoid creating an anal mess in the middle of sex. (Unless you’re into that.) For many, it’s a surefire way to kill the mood. If it does happen, know that it’s natural, nothing to be ashamed of, and we’ve all been there — but douching and other good habits can help you avoid it.

It’s just good manners to clean your ass before anal sex, so let’s talk about how.

What equipment should I use to start sex?

Companies like Fleet that create bathrooms supplies, such as squeezy bulbs or shower attachments, are available at stores.There are many shower attachments that vary in price. They can be more than thirty dollars to over a hundred. Some attachments even have pressure and temperature settings and are comfortable on the hands. These attachments usually require installation, however, so they’re not always convenient.Since saline is more affordable than water and has to be used when you douche, a douching kit is a sensible alternative.If you are low on time, anal enemas can be an inexpensive way to get a good tool for douching. These typically cost less than $5, and come in liquid or solid form. Be warned that this version of the tool is often filled with laxatives that are designed to help ease constipation. You should always replace the contents with regular water if you're just doing a standard cleaning.

You might just want to get a flexible reusable bulb. With this option, you'll have a durable douch tool and won't need to worry about moving the up and down while using it. Consider mixing your own saline solution with water, rather than just using the water from the tap.While it is better to use a more sophisticated device like Copymatic, ordinary water bottles can still produce good enough articles.You can use a water bottle interface to apply liquid cleaner to your body. The soft end of the device is designed for insertion into your anus. There is an attachment made specifically for people who travel frequently.

How Long Does it Take to Clean up Before Anal Sex?

What you will need for an enema or douching?

But wait, what’s the difference between an enema vs a douche? It comes down to how thorough you want to be. A douche generally cleans out the area immediately inside the anus, while an enema goes further and flushes much more of the system. A douche can take ten minutes to a half hour; an enema can take several hours to complete. Enemas more typically use saline than water, since there’s more risk of upsetting your electrolyte balance if you do an enema with just water.

The Most Popular douche bottle:YESUNE ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC DOUCHE 

【Anti Back-flow Technology】: Unlike other common enema douche without check valve, this enema bulb kit contains 2 one-way stop valves to effectively prevent the back-flow of dirty water.This provides a superior cleaning experience without any risk of dirty water backflow. Make sure you can deeply clean the colon or anus to have a healthy lifestyle.

 The nozzle of the enema douche is made of premium silicone, which is soft and smooth to the touch, ensure more comfort when plugged in. Recommended to use with water-based lube to the nozzle to make insertion comfortable and easy.This electric enema bulb can be filled up to 16 oz/450 ml, Instead of frequent filling, a single filling is sufficient for long use The transparent appearance can clearly see how much water is used.

【Premium Skin-friendly Material】: The black nozzle of the enema douche is made of medical silicone, which is soft and smooth to the touch, ensure more comfort when plugged in. PET enema water bottle is non-toxic and odorless, in line with US health standards. Also, the silky silicone nozzle has 5 shower holes, offering an all-around of cleanings.

【Automatic Electric Douche】- The  enema bulb kit uses innovative electric water spray technology With 7 v-settings and 3 speeds,This automatic enema bulb features innovative electric spray technology to get the job done more effectively than average enema bulb, and more enjoyable than other electric enema without v-settings.

【Brings Health & Pleasure】- Regular cleaning is benefit for your personal care and family health! It is suitable for men and women. It is an essential item for a healthy life! This item will ship with discreet packaging.For better experience, please fully charge before first time use. 

The risks of enemas are that they wake up delicate tissues and cause side effects. They can also expose you to infections, or worse, surgery is needed depending on the severity. It’s impossible for them to cause any medical benefits to healthy people, with colon detoxes being pseudoscience.But enemas can also leave you feeling much more confident about your cleanliness, and are more appropriate for more advanced kinds of anal play like fisting. Because they’re so much more thorough, you’ll shed a lot more internal matter and leave your system free of debris. If that’s important to you, an enema can feel better than a douche — but remember that it’s also more dangerous.If you’re using a water bottle or other douching instrument, it’s much easier to do a basic cleaning of the immediate area inside your rectum than to try to flush out your whole colon, and if you’re only planning on bottoming, douching will be more than enough to prepare.

How to Prepare for a Water Bottle Douche?

Start by making yourself empty so that you can go on a run. You will want to be as empty as you comfortably can beforehand.Make sure the water you’re going to use to clean out is around room temperature, or just slightly warmer. If the water is cold, it will be painful for your anal muscles and can cause cramping. You don’t want water that is too hot to touch with your hands because that’s what you are putting in your anal cavity.You may want to prepare by fingering yourself with lubed-up fingers, to ensure you’re stretched out a bit and ready to receive. Lubing the tip of the bottle can help with insertion, too.Getting ready for douching requires positioning oneself by a toilet or tub.Relax. Take some deep breaths. Press the bottle up against your hole and gently squeeze the bottle while relaxing your rectum. You should feel the water slowly filling you up. You’ll want to get a small amount of water into your body at a time — don’t do too much all at once, or it’ll get deeper inside and require a more lengthy cleaning, and could cause an injury.

Does Douching Have Health Risks?

Have you washed your clothes in a bathtub? While this might be fun, it’s not recommended.

First, hold your butt closed and keep water from coming out. Next, jiggle or jump until your bowels are empty. Then, release the liquid contents.

Get out the water as much as possible before it disappears down the drain. If you confined to just your entryway, you might need five to ten washes before everything is cleaned out. However, if the water has been able to travel further into your colon, it could take more than an hour of washing before everything is in order.Make sure you douche before going on a date to ensure a clean body.

Does Douching Hurt?

It shouldn’t. If you put sharp plastic against your hole and it feels painful, stop what you’re doing — you might have cut into the tissues around your anus, in which case anal sex is definitely off the table until it heals. If you’re inserting a tool with an applicator tip into your rectum and it begins to hurt, stop immediately too.Some people might experience cramping while they are douching. This is usually normal, and it often just means there are more contents that need to be flushed out. To try to expedite the process, one can press on their abdomen or taint, or do some lower-back stretches in the shower that could help loosen things up. Some also like to jiggle around a little bit, which can help with the flushing process.If you see blood or pain persists, remember to stop what you’re doing and clean the area. It is recommended that if the pain or bleeding continues, consult a doctor or free clinic.

Can Changes to my Diet Make Anal Sex Easier?

Healthy diet includes plenty of leafy greens, whole wheat, and bran. Avoiding cheeses, spicy food, and oily meats like beef will help clear the colon.Gerard Way performs live during a concert in Berlin.What do Yes, My Chemical Romance and Gay Tramp Stamp Shirts have in common?James Factora provides a procedure for getting rid of migraine headachesYou should also drink plenty of water. The more you put in your mouth, the less you’ll need up your butt.Pay attention to your diet and how it has affected your GI tract to understand what types of foods work best with your lifestyle.

Why Shouldn’t I Douche?

If you douche, it can result in some negative consequences.Instead of deep cleansing your colon, you should drink a saline solution.But if you're healthy, once a week is typically the most frequent your cleanings should be. And don't introduce other substances like vitamins or coffee; they can cause damage or infections, especially if you have a compromised immune system.You don't need to clean yourself out after a bowel movement if you take care of your gut health by eating high-fiber food and regularly taking probiotics.



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