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2022 New WhatsMiner M30S Review

Aug 09,2022 | YESUN

Bitmain, which was founded by Yang Zuoxing, the chief tech officer at Bitmain, has released their latest WhatsMiner M30S series of mining machines. This competes with Bitmain, the world’s largest Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer and former owner.

Basic performance:

The Whatsminer M30s was designed to be simple and efficient for many miners. The device’s body is 390x150x225 mm, which is one of the most compact designs in the industry, as it minimizes space occupation on both sides.

To make sure the miner doesn’t overheat, it was built from metal. The machine has front and back vents, as well as fly-away fins to make sure it dissipates heat quickly.

Whatsminer M30S provides only one interface, enabling easy monitoring and configuration. With only one Ethernet interface, TF card firmware interface, and power interface, Whatsminer is pleasurable to use for those who want a minimalist design.

The Whatsminer M30S has 3 hash boards with ASIC chips. The heat dissipation fins on each board are made from aluminum and silicone, and attached securely with 26 spring screws.

The hash rate performance:

BitMicro’s Whatsminer M30S has a computing power of 88TH/s±5%, an energy use of 38W/T±5%, and an energy-use-to-power ratio of 38JT±5%.

Taking the current price of USD 10,664/piece (about RMB 7,251.93/piece) as an example, assuming that the electricity cost is 0.3 yuan/kWh, then the static payback period of Whatsminer M30S is 712 days = 1 year, November 0 17 days. Among them, the daily output is 0.00062568 bitcoins, which is about RMB 45.68; after deducting the electricity cost of 80.26 kWh per day of 24 yuan, the daily net income is 21.61 yuan.

It must be pointed out that the average mining price is the “mining” cost, rather than the residential electricity. With electricity at the residential rate, we have a net income of 2.34 yuan and a payback time of 25 days in November 2017.



The new M30S machines have the most powerful computing power of any device that’s allowed in the industry. Not only can they meet the needs of Bitcoin after the third halving, but they can also compete with Bitmain and Canaan. Old-fashioned brands such as science and technology companies are trying to dethrone Bitmain. The sale of these machines will make a huge difference on lowering device prices throughout the industry.



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