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2022 Best newest light bulb camera (outdoor&indoor)

Apr 12,2022 | YESUN


YESUNE "smart life"  is a good place to get smart home advice thanks to our unbiased, accurate content. We also share affiliate links with you on occasions, which helps us keep the lights on.

We discuss the different types of cameras, how footage is streamed, characteristics of a bulb and camera resolution.

Home security cameras are useful for monitoring kids and pets, or preventing against burglaries. Indoor light bulbs can provide a discreet and well-hidden type of surveillance camera.

An external light bulb camera can be set up as it generates power through the light bulb rather than using an extra power line. This is a plug and play system, making it easy to use. An intruder will only see the outside of your porch lit up—not that there is a camera present.

YESUNE  CCTV's WiFi Floodlight Bulb Camera


Best Outdoor Waterproof Remote Control Camera

A YESUNE CCTV Wi-Fi Floodlight Bulb Camera created by YESUNE has been given a great rating . It has Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.

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"reviewBody" : "YESUNE CCTV WiFi Floodlight Bulb Camera is our Top Pick"

The YESUNE can turn any LED light into a security camera with the use of the live footage on your mobile app. The footage has no lag and has crisp footage, so you can identify any movement.

Relying on a hidden video device, you can record 24/7 security footage and access it from your PC or tablet. It offers full-color night vision, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything Support TF Card Max 128GB Memory Card. Cloud storage is also available and free.

When you do not need the lights, you can easily deactivate them and use the built-in light switch. This hidden camera comes with three different modes – Day Mode, Night Color Mode, and Night IR Mode. After you install it and twist it in place, connect it with the app and you are all set to go.

This security camera has facial recognition for a safer home

This outdoor lightbulb is weatherproof and will work in the event of rain or hurricanes. The security camera can also handle extreme temperatures, making it a durable choice for any climate.


The Hotfenlee Triton Auto Tracking Outdoor Light Bulb makes it easy to eliminate any blind areas in your surveillance with a single camera.

You can program Activity Zones and Blockout to eliminate false alarms triggered by any sort of background movement. This can cut down on the unwanted alarms and is especially helpful in tight areas like your home or business.

3. Besdersec Full HD Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews


A review of the best baby or pet monitors on the market

This security camera features a 1.44mm fisheye lens, which has zero blind spots and covers a 360-degree panoramic view. It also comes with two AI modes, as well as a smart motion alarm.

Night Vision - Top Features   Comes with a reliable night vision that can sense anyone approaching.

The Besdersec Full HD Light Bulb Security Camera is easy to install and does not require any drilling or power setup.

Symynelec's 9.1   4. wireless security camera bulb provides high-definition quality

Lights Out: The Best Light Bulb Cameras 2022


The Symynelec Wireless Security Camera Bulb is popular for convenience and portable installation. Once motion is detected, the camera will send notifications to your phone or other connected device.

The Symynelec Wireless Security Camera Bulb has an 8GB-128GB SD card. This ensures your footage is always stored even when it expires.

The camera comes with 5 sensitivity levels and it has a motion detection feature. It's also possible to use the app to set up alarms. Plus, it offers two way communication, night vision, Full HD video, and 360 degree camera view.

9.0   5. EVERSECU Light Bulb Security Camera


Get EVERSECU Wireless Security Camera and thousands of other high-quality Home-Decor products at the best prices.

The EVERSECU Light Bulb Security Camera has a 360-degree viewing angle and can record 1080p high-resolution videos.

Recording clear video is only one of this camera's top features. It can even store records to external SD cards with slots for up to 128GB of memory.



VIBOOS-360° Light Bulb security Camera Review

Security Cameras with audio capabilities

You can save a lot of money with theVIBOOS- 360° Light Bulb Security Camera. The camera has an upgraded pan and tilt function so you will only need to set up one camera to cover a larger property.

The VIBOOS- 360 degree bulb camera records in 3D, which offers more security. Furthermore, the data is secure because of military grade encryption.

My list of features to consider in a lightbulb security camera

How to securely store and stream footage

There are two ways in which a hidden security camera stores and plays video footage. It can either use an SD card or store it on the cloud.

A security camera with good qualities should offer you the option of accessing footage remotely. As most cameras charge customer a fee for using cloud.

Research your purchase to find out which has better pricing and what you will get for it.

How to find the right measurement for bulb holders

If you buy a lightbulb holder that is not compatible with your security camera, then it will be useless. Throwing it away will not work and giving it away is a dubious proposition so make sure you get the right kind of security camera.

The size of the bulb holder ranges from 10mm to 40mm. Find the one that has a screw or a pin base; it doesn't matter which one you choose.

Best Resolution and Quality

To avoid wasted money, when you go to buy a hidden camera, make sure that the video is recorded in high resolution. A low quality video will not make sense and be difficult to comprehend.

You should get a security camera with at least 1080p video resolution. It doesn’t really matter what the resolution is, but it should be at least 1080p.

What are the best models of light bulb security cameras?

Lumens and Kelvins are two measurements of the brightness of a light bulb. Lumens refers to the luminous intensity. Kelvin refers to the color temperature of the bulb, or its color spectrum.

The brightness of light bulbs will determine the lumen count. Light bulbs with 3,000-5,000 lumens are typically brighter than those with less than 3,000 lumens.

Q: What is the verdict on security cameras?

Seen in this article, hidden light bulb security cameras offer many benefits. Here's what you have to say in the comments below!

YESUNE CCTV Floodlight Bulb Camera is a Top Pick

Why A Wireless Outdoor Waterproof Remote Control Camera is a good choice

The YESUNE CCTV WiFi Floodlight Bulb Camera comes with Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity.

The Copymatic 1080p Full HD security camera can be mounted on a stand, or set up on its side. It comes with a bright 900 Lumens Floodlight and 360-degree adjustable rotation for capturing the perfect image.

Of course automation and utilizing new technologies have their ups and downs, but as an engineer, I'm excited about exploration and innovation.



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